Luzzo’s Pizzeria…another truly delicious and authentic Italian pizza in NYC



Luzzo’s Pizzeria is another of my favorite pizza places in the city. It is on 13th street and 1st avenue. It is a small place with lots of charm from their unique decoration to their amazing pizzas. It is just a laid-back spot with amazing food.

I went there on Easter Friday so I avoided meat, but I got the Tartufata (tomato sauce, mozzarella, trufa pate and basil) and the Ortolana (tomato sauce, mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and basil). Both are made on the coal oven Napoletana style and thin crust. Both were delicious but the Tartufata was truly amazing; simple but good ingredients always make the difference.

However, my favorite thing at the restaurant was the dessert, yes, the dessert and it was not the Tiramisu, which I heard it was amazing too but did not order it….Now, I have an excuse to go back! I ordered Nutella stuffed pizza covered with sugar……that was absolutely amazing!!! so amazing that I could not resist myself and ordered another serving! It had the perfect amount of nutella and it was not over fried…it was bocatto di cardinale! It is worth going just to try these!

Highly recommend this place.

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Sadly, the Faberge Egg Hunt is over…


I have enjoyed the idea from Faberge of putting eggs all around the city in the weeks prior to Easter. It has been great to find them in the most unexpected places. All eggs are different and amazing, unique sculptures, and the best part of it, if you want one… you can even purchase it!

I should have made a post with the ones I was finding but I wanted to make a final collection for the last day of Easter. In Catalunya, the north of Spain, people eat their Easter Eggs today and in France, it is a national holiday, Pentecost day. Here are my favorites.

Architecture: Staircase at Armani store on 5th Avenue

I had an event for work at the Armani ristorante on their flagship store in 5th avenue. The several times I have been there, I had always taken the elevator to go up, since it is in the 3rd floor of the store.
However, last Thursday, I was a bit early for the event and decided to go into the store for a bit and see what’s new. Amazing bags, shoes and sunglasses all around but what stroke me from the store was none of that…. It was the staircase. It is an architectural piece very unique. It makes you feel you are in a white tunnel, perfectly measured, and that only opens up once you arrive at the next floor. It is just worth visiting to experience and see this designed staircase. It was just very Armani.



Knave at Le Parker Meridian for those who miss Europe and its good espressos in the middle of Manhattan



As you know, I am from Spain. I have grown up having a delicious cup of coffee, real coffee, every morning. I have been in the States for 7 years now and although you end up loving Starbucks…. there is nothing like a good simple just brewed espresso.

I had a meeting with a fellow European and I proposed to go to Knave to enjoy a good cup of coffee. When I entered the coffee shop, it transported me to Europe. The architecture, the decor, the music, the smell and the coffee were just perfect.

I love this hotel. The Parker Meridian is not only in a great location (on 56th street between 6th and 7th avenue), but also exquisite in design…. and full of surprises. The burger joint is one of the best in the city. It is so peculiar, unique and has delicious burgers! Now, this hotel has surprised me again with this coffee shop. It is a little pricy, coffees ranges from $6-7 but the biscotti the coffee comes with it is worth the extra $!

I highly recommend this place whether it is for coffee or some light lunch. You can find a little peace and delicious coffee in the middle of Manhattan.

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